"In order to paint you need three things : an eye, a heart and a hand."
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A look at nature!

Nicolas F. is a Belgian painter.
He followed his artistic training in an academy near his hometown.
He quickly oriented himself to watercolor painting which is, according to some artists, a surprising choice as it is more complicated and more difficult to control than acrylic or oil paint.
He can not explain all of his works. Every person that discovers one of his works takes visual possession of it, interprets it in his own way and lets his imagination do the rest.
As he says himself "What is important for an artist is the way he feels at the moment of creation of his work. However, the public could be touched and moved by looking at the piece, even without knowing what the artist felt during its creation.”

Nicolas F. finds his inspiration in memories of landscapes that touched him, pictures he made or received, images he found, but also emotions, romance, music, silence,...
A work is never complete nor finished in his head before reaching the paper. It constantly evolves during its preparation and creation. With rare exceptions, no drawing or painting is a perfect reproduction of the model.


Bellarte International and Castello di Mazzè present :

Conversation with the trees

in the solitude of nature...

From 15 till 17 August 2014

Castello di Mazzè

10035 MAZZE